Welcome to the Peacemaker Circles


Zen entrepreneur Bernie Glassman with Sufi teacher Fariha al Jerrahi in New York

Welcome to the new website for the Peacemaker Circles International, a network of circles and interfaith friendships within the Zen Peacemakers family. Peacemaker Circles were created 16 years ago by the late Bernie Glassman (1939 – 2018), a great Zen teacher, social entrepreneur and activist. Bernie had a vision of grassroots circles of spiritual practitioners from many backgrounds training together and actively making a difference in the world around them.

This website is an online training manual, freely offering the core tools and knowledge to empower you wherever you are to create a Peacemaker Circle in the Zen Peacemakers approach pioneered by Bernie and developed by activists in many countries. Circles are non-hierarchical – each member is both a student and a teacher, all together. We hope to contribute to a small revolution in peer-led spiritual practice and social activism – “Guerilla Zen” !

Watch this space as we begin to put material online over the next few months…

Chris Zang Starbuck (UK),

with Jeana Teiju Moore (USA), Kathleen Battke (Germany/Europe Coordinator) and Steve Hart (UK)

Zen Peacemaker Circles

It begins with a sense that my self is my body, and it stretches until myself is realized as the universe. — Bernie Glassman


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  1. Stephen Hart says:

    this is a wonderful endeavour ! salaams, Suleiman Shinchi Daishin Steve Hart


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